Insect thing keeps biting me

Date: 4/25/2019

By xCaligo

I was in this open dirt floor house and remi was trying to get me to catch this insect spider ant thing that would try to bite me although if I held it long enough I could make it do something. He was talking about a ring thing that he had made with it that had some sort of magic power. I found one and picked it up. It was super strong and I had to almost crush it to keep it from biting me. Eventually it got one of its big mandibles around my finger and it was super painful so I shook it off. I chased it around the shack and picked it up a couple more times with similar results. Somehow, I still have no idea how, but it got stuck in my left nostril and tried to snot rocket it out. It wasnt biting me but it was pushing really hard on the walls of my nose. When it finally popped out on top of this rustic wooden table like the one in my garage, I smashed it with a hammer. It broke in to with wires or something protruding from each of the smashed sides. It was some kind of organic machine bug.