House with a Stone Carving

Date: 4/30/2019

By Joven8888

We travelled to a place like out of the country together with my brother and sister, where the majority of the houses were made of rocks and wood. The place was like somewhere Scottish or somewhere like it was inhabited once by Vikings before. (My brother explored the place and I didn't know where he went) It seems like there was no one in the that place except us. I saw a stone house with a wooden door frame and no door, above the frame was a carving in a circular stone that seems to look like an ancient saint. Walking inside the house, we entered a seemingly wooden kitchen, my sister was afraid that a ghost would haunt us, so of fear and worry, we try to get out, although I know the door going outside, she points me to the other doors, maybe due to her panicking, she was just also confused. I remember one of the doors leads to a tropical or wetlands forest, but we eventually found the right door and came out from that house. Further walking in the place there were fine red sand and beyond that there were like hills of fine black sand that seems to go endless to the horizon, it was windy instead of hot. After that we decided to go home, oddly, we just used a bicycle and it was already night, my sister was the one riding the bicycle and I was sitting behind her but facing the opposite side, watching the vehicles passing by, we were passing the road we usually take when we go to school during my junior high school days. We arrived home and I woke up.