Got Pissed I Didn't Say Happy Birthday

Date: 7/30/2019

By itsliz

Had a bit of a nightmare this time around. I was scanning a man (since I'm an MRI tech) with a buzz cut, very pale, who wore glasses with either pale blond or red hair. He seemed to be having a bad day as I was getting him out of the scanner because he kept saying how things weren't going as well as he hoped on his birthday. I was being sympathetic for him as I tried to explain the normal procedure like how he had to wait for a CD that he could take to his doctor because they would have the report but no MRI images. He was a bit forceful, because next scene is that I apparently had to make two CDs for him at his request. I finished one CD and was just finishing up the second. I must have turned away to talk to my coworker Kelly because when I turn back forward, he's at the screen practically looking at it (that has confidential patient information on it) and trying to take the two CDs. I told him he has to get away from the screen and that I would give him the CDs when they're ready. He put them down and said things like, "Well since it's my birthday I thought you would hurry up so I could leave and celebrate what little bit I have of it." I went to finish setting up the room, rolling my eyes and giving him the CDs when I come back because he was just STANDING there. I gave him his CDs, just nodding at him as he continued to vent about how this birthday isn't what he hoped for and as I was taking him to the entrance, he kept saying, "Hey, birthday? Birthday. Birthday!" He expected me to tell him happy birthday but I didn't want to wish him a happy birthday due to being so troublesome. Going back, I gave Kelly a look like, 'Boy that sure was crazy.' I tried to lock the door but it wasn't working for some reason in this room that looked more like a studio apartment with a whole bunch of crap stacked in it, white walls and ceiling with a few thin wooden and white doors together with some window panes. I thought it was fine to leave it unlocked but I was wrong. I JUST left the door behind when all the sudden it opens and it's the guy again. He says, "You know what? I'm having a bad birthday just wanting someone to show me some kindness. You can't even do that? It's my BIRTHDAY!" So I say, "Sir, we're done. GET OUT or I will call the police." "The POLICE? Excuse me?" He gets closer to me. I turn nand motion at Kelly and with a calm voice I say, "Kelly, call the police." He then rounds on her and yanks the phone set from her reach and tosses it and starts to tell her off. I'm quiet as I reach for the phone and call 911. I'm hearing the answering machine talk, ready to dial for an operator and glancing up to see this guy is closing in on Kelly now, making me wonder if I should drop calling the police and help her instead and just give the guy what he wants, just a simple, "Happy Birthday." Then I wake up.