Date: 8/27/2017


From what i can remember we ended up in my backyard. We were what it seem like gathering up together. Along with my brothers i seen other familiar faces in the crowds of people in the yard. The yard quietly turn into a room with random seating arrangements. I went there the space talking and conversing with some of the familiar faces. One of those faces was AJ. We did a little of none physical flirting before i left to talk to Fari. Surrounded by two other fellows we flirted lowly. Being sure not to draw to much attention to ourselves. I traced my finger down her side. Stopping because she said something funny don't remember what but it made me stop. I began again this time tracing along the top of her panty line. Stopping this time on my own not wanting to over step my boundaries. She grab my finger and began tracing my finger along her panty line again re-ensuring i had not over stepped, just before throwing my finger off of her.. This made us both laugh! I sat down laughing to my brother Cal telling him how they (Females) play to much. He agree with me. Noticing that there was people in the pool and and Cal decided to bomb splash into the pool! We played in the pool until i woke up.