My ex

Date: 6/4/2019

By Kaibear

It was an extremely weird dream... It started off with my being inside a huge mansion with all of my class. I had dated my classmate for roughly 4 months, things had gotten intimate in real life. So I saw my ex walking around with a few other friends and I just watched him. Out of nowhere my dream switched to him and me being in his house, on his bed making out. He was on top of me and had moved down to kiss my neck softly, he started to take off my clothes then did the same for himself. His thrusts in me were fast and rough which were strange cause he was always gentle but it felt so good. He kissed me roughly with tongue as he kept his thrusts hard. After a while we both came. The dream switched back to us being at the mansion, this time we were outside. It was snowing but wasn’t that cold, we were in the garden together when he told me that he didn’t like his new girlfriend and that me misses me. I was shocked but happy, he leaned down and kissed me softly as we stood in front of this weird statue. It was extremely gentle then he took my hand and led me to his car. His car looked like a black Hyundai Santa Fe, which is weird because he never had his own car in real life. So he started to drive to this weird abandonedish road, the houses were far off in the middle of fields so they couldn’t see us. I was scared, thinking that this could take a turn for the worse but it didn’t. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and looked at me, he carefully crawled onto my lap and slid my pants off while kissing me. He knew that I didn’t like taking my shirt off during sex so he made sure to keep it on. He slowly pushed his pants down and started to grind slowly against me. His dick was already very hard and was dripping precum which was really hot. He slowly slid into me and fucked me gently while whispering how much he loved me. We both came a little bit later and he just stayed in me, laying on top of me and holding my close whispered how much be regretted breaking up with me. It was sweet and I just smiled, listening to him then occasionally kissing him. *End* See the weird part of this all, he and I broke up over a year ago. All of this stuff in my dream would have happened if we had stayed together which is so strange. I tell myself everyday that breaking up was for the best but part of me just has this piece of my heart, missing him. I don’t get it...I shouldn’t miss him this much but I do. If anybody knows what this dream might have meant or how to feel better about a heartbreak; comment please.