funeral wedding

Date: 3/5/2017

By emilyassoulin

Im am at a place where a funeral or a wedding is taking place i cant really remember which one. Me and a bunch of other people are inside an old church. The seats are made from old wood and are cracking. Everyone is wearing suits and dresses. The benches in this church are set up like bleachers and are going up. At the top of the seats are a set of stairs that lead to a window in the upper right corner of the church. I am now climbing the set of stairs towards the window. I crawl slowly up the stairs on my hands and knees until i reach the window. It is open and i crawl through. Im trying to get somewhere that i need to be but i don't know where that is. I am now on the roof of the church and i jump off. In front of me i see a bunch of teenagers in a cabin playing loud music and partying. I walk towards them and they start to address me. Your just in time for the party, they say to me. I don't seem to know any of them but they are friendly to me. I ask them where the wedding/funeral is that i am suppose to be at right now. Its over there by the large fountain. They point past the church and tell me to keep going. I do as they say and walk past to church. I start to see the fountain in front me and i feel better. I then see the same people from the church gathered around the fountain. A white van pulls up and starts unloading food for the party.