jfk assassination

Date: 2/15/2017

By lilacsilverbloom

i had a dream that i had a dream that i made a play about john f kennedy's death. townes played jfk, ryan played the guy who was trying to save him, peter was lee harvey oswald. the story was not actually how he died though, it was kind of a scary house murderer thing. before that in the play i was biking on a curvy path in nyc. also i remember that ryan was trying to save jfk with a marshmallow shooter and had to shoot it at peter. me and maya were also trying to help and we had to climb up this bed thing into a cabinet and find the marshmallow shooter to give to ryan. later i woke up in my dream and wrote it into a play andstrapped the play to my wrist. i go to the troom and get a naked juice and then go to a dorm and everyone is there. i tell them about the play. also there is a party going on and gabby and gibbs and others are there and everyone in the room i was in wasn't invited so we were all salty. also i kinda invaded hannah heitzinger's room and found a book that described my whole family including me so that was weird. later michal had to go to the airport so me and maya put up decorations in her room.