Bekah The Boy Stealer

Date: 7/6/2019

By madisonweir

Me, Bryn, Kira and Bekah were all sat around a restaurant table when Regan walked over. He was chatting away to us when suddenly, Bekah just kissed him. Like really suddenly. I, his girlfriend, was obviously very annoyed at this and slapped her. “I can’t help if I fancy him!” she cried. “It doesn’t mean you can kiss him!” I yelled, before storming off. Outside, there were two buses for a trip to Castle Park. A lot of my friends were on them and I hopped on. Regan followed, along with the girls from the table. Marian had a space next to him, but I tried to sit next to Regan. Bekah shoved me and sat next to Regan instead, so I scowled and sat next to Marian. When we got there, we just walked around on walls and sat in the windowsills. Bekah kept running off with Regan, who didn’t seem to care that I was upset. You know who did care? Marian. But I was loyal as heck. Sure, I hung out with him but only because everyone else had gotten the bus home and Regan and Bekah were like bread and butter, stuck together. In the end, I yelled at Bekah and flipped her off, before crying and going home by myself. It felt super real and I was so panicked and sad when I woke up.