Very odd string of events at the end of a long dream.

Date: 2/27/2017

By hunterrrg

So I remember very little about the first part of my dream, but I know it involved prison, and car chases, I think I escaped but Idk. Then the most vivid part is my friend and I driving down a very common road in my town. This was what followed. I was driving home and noticed this drone flying around on this very common street, and it wasn't the first time in the dream I'd seen it either, so I asked my driver to pull over so we could watch it. As I was standing there I heard a car screech behind me a noticed it was a police officer doing a really bad U turn in busy traffic. Making a big fuss about the drone he wanted to see all of the power supply this guy had setup for recharging this drone, because it was a pretty large drone. The owner of the drone came out and proceeded to show the officer the setup and the officer looked very impatient and began to tear down massive cables and cut some up, saying they were illegal. This started to attract the attention of other people who I had also recognized from earlier in the dream. They said this is a damn shame cause the guy was doing nothing wrong just flying his drone around, but her passenger seemed to disagree so they began to argue violently. This caught the attention of the officer who came to break up the fight. While he had his back turned though, the drone fella came up behind the officer and smacked him in the back with one of the large cables he had just previously cut. A rather large fight ensued, with me just shouting what I thought was right and who was in the wrong. Which I seemed to think was the officer. From behind me this engine revved up and I looked behind me to see this car labeled "the javelin bros" with a massive javelin poking out the front.i freaked out as they started to charge the car at me so I dodged and it hit the police car. This was apparently the officers beloved car. (It looked like an American police car from the 20s) so he was once again pursuing another criminal. I on the other hand still freaked out from being charged decided to run home. All I can remember from here was feeling very uneasy on my couch as I stare at a poster of this small Asian girl and a weird bug eyed beast. The more I looked around the more I realized there was the same picture, but it was everywhere. On milk cartons, tablets, the walls were covered so I began to freak out. The whole dream area felt like it began to rumble and shake so I just woke up.