Help is not on the way

Date: 5/27/2017

By apologies

I couldn't find my father, and I could feel something was off. In that very moment it was crucial to find him. Searching, I came to a truck parked still with the passenger door open. There is where I found my father undergoing a seizure, dying. My first instinct was to lay him on his side. I kept wondering how or why something like this came to be. Then, I pulled out my phone and proceeded to dial 911. After a few rings a man's voice answered sounding unenthusiastic and irritated. I begged him to send help, but all he did was say "Sorry, I can't help you. Try another number." I searched for a possible number that could save my father. Nothing. I called back 911 hoping for better luck as my dad slipped further and further away from me. To my surprise, they had blocked my number. No one was coming, help wasn't on the way. My father died in my arms, I woke up.