Date: 7/7/2019

By homiealonie

My class was divided into pairs, and I was paired with my crush. The task was for one of us, in this case it ended up being me, to write a letter to the other person telling them what you like about them, the other person didn’t get a task. I finished my letter, and for some reason we went to a grocery store (???) to read the letters out loud. All of the other classmates went to different locations, so it was just me, my crush and the customer in the store. I read my letter by the checkout, telling him how much I liked him. Everyone in the store were listening. I finished, and a lady who didn’t know about the task said something like: “She was so nice and complimented you, why don’t you read her your letter too?” He hadn’t prepared anything because he wasn’t supposed to, but he leaned over and asked “Will you be my girlfriend?”