booklyn nine-nine

Date: 4/28/2017

By abnormal

My best friend and I were at this playground with a bunch of people, I forgot who, and my 4th grade best friend, Tala, was there and she kind of felt left out so I was like let's all play monkey climbing versus Justin, Zach, and a 3rd guy from thirteen reasons why I don't remember which one and then suddenly it switched to my rl friend (his name is Mohammed) and idk who else and I was on his team and then I was too tall for it cause it was for kids so I fell so Dima (one of my closest friends) was like "do you not know how to play it?" and then we sat on some swing-like games you know the short ones stuck to the floor and then I saw Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero looking all fancy and they walked past us and I assumed they were filming then I kept screaming it at my best friend and I was like omg let's go follow them then we didn't