Date: 6/7/2017

By Bannanaleafer

So my crush (let's just call him Lundy) and I live in the same neighborhood which also means we ride the same bus. In this dream, me and my crush sit in the same seat (2 to a seat) instead of me and my friend Erin. It's apparently the last day of school (which is odd because my last day was May 30th) and we are on our way back home and he is talking to me about something and was like "I'm gonna be so bored today" and I was like "I'd say we could hang out but my dad would probably get mad" and then I laughed and he just smiled at me and said "we can still hang out though, come to my house. And I was like thinking 'oh shit my crush, my biggest crush is inviting me over' and I'm like "sure, then my dad won't notice". So we get off the bus and he - instead of walking his normal route home - decides to follow me to my house where I drop my stuff off and ask my dad to go hang out with some "friends" my dad immediately knows that I'm lying my ass off and goes to the open garage door and looks at Lundy and is like "oh it's just him. You guys can date I don't give a fuck it's just his brother I'm worried about" and I was like thinking 'one, this is hella bad for Lundy to hear, two I don't have to hide my relationship with him!' And then Lundy is like "well that being said, do you wanna date" and I'm like "yeah sure". Then, my dad is like "I shouldn't have said you were allowed...." and walks back inside. I decide that my dad didn't say I still couldn't so Lundy and I go to his house and his dad is like "who tf is this" and Lundy explains and his dad is like "ooooohhhh, the girl you always talk about" and laughs at how embarrassed my crush gets. I laugh too and then his dad is like "hey why don't you take your girl out to do something" and Lundy is like "ok" and then I wake up. (End of dream) I had to take my dog outside this morning and I've never blushed so hard in my life. 😫