Skipped information

Date: 5/2/2017

By MaximusDreamer

It's hard to remember the entire dream as there were several parts. I recall driving around my hometown in a 1LE Camaro. Following my family in front of me in the distance. I had lost them and took a wrong turn into a dirty neighborhood right by water where dirt was the road and houses were in the mist of collapsing. I turn around and try to head out. Next time I'm outside my car, not remembering getting off or why but I'm walking in long tall grass that still sticks out above knee high water. I'm skeptical of stepping on anything but eventually I slip onto concrete and bring myself up and I notice fingers floating in the water. I even notice a ring on it. Flash forwarding my grandfather gives me a video game saying try it for yourself. A few other things happen along the dream too but I had woken up and tried falling back asleep to continue the story but when I do I end up being with a few friends and family. Nothing is clear how a couple of my friends got into a room but it was just the four of us. Eventually a friend and I flirt, talking about myself she teased and I did too. That lead to more and the pleasure of doing it while others were around was better. They didn't notice, and we were interrupted by a force. It fast forwards to a high school crush and I walking. Talking about nonsense and I led us into a restaurant late at night. She looked beautiful in black. We sit down after walking around the confusing restaurant and we talk for a moment until the word boyfriend is spoken and I awaken. Freud mentions dreams are a path to understanding oneself. That's all I'm trying to do. Through my experiences my dreams take form. So what the fuck do they mean or tell. Feel free to keep up I'll try to incorporate my life into my dreams and see the relationship between the two.