Weird Fish on a Train

Date: 1/30/2019

By godseye

I dreamed that I was on a train, and under one of the seats was a really creepy looking fish eating people’s bags. I could only see the head of it, but anytime someone would go near, it would take an item from them. Nobody else seemed to notice, even though I was trying to point it out. Eventually I got a broom and I poked at it. It then started lunging at me, and finally a lady noticed and started screaming. The fish started coming out from under the seat. It was a translucent light pink color, with sharp teeth and foggy eyes. As it came out, I was jabbing it with the end of the broom and pushing its face down. When it opened its mouth fully, it was bigger than me. I ended up killing the fish and all of the passengers cheered and thanked me. I didn’t get anyone’s luggage back though.