Prime Suspect

Date: 5/4/2017

By mecarter

I was the prime suspect in the murder of a young male. Though the detectives knew I wasn't guilty they were trying to make a case against me. So me and mama had to prove who did do it. Someone how we ended up around a female gospel singer/preacher who I thought I did it because of the detectives. ( I still don't understand why she was in the dream). Some how we were around some teenage girls and from their conversation I knew they had information about the case. For some reason I followed them and there was one I was drawn to and I put my hands on her head and started praying in Jesus name. She gave me information that led the detectives in the right direction to investigate. They left out the front door which lead to the ocean. Where they found the killer who was a janitor. I don't remember what the girl said that lead them to him but it did and I was cleared. My mom went off one the gospel singer/preacher who tried to downplay her judgement.