The surgeon

Date: 7/8/2017

By JoshSenpai

I was in a house of a surgeon, the house was hella big and the surgeon was old af his wife was very young and sexy. I walked around his big ass house and was so fascinated by his wealth I talked to his wife and said it must be awesome to be a surgeon and she told me I shouldn't focus an becoming a surgeon because it takes a lot of time and she said that money isn't everything. The old man agreed and she told me I should focus on becoming what I love to do, because that's the best way of living a happy life. The surgeon said, now that he's old and has a lot of money, he never had enough time to profit from his money, because all he did was study and work. I started taking lucid dreaming supplements, wich makes Ur dreams more vivid and makes it easier to remember. The supplement I'm using is huperzine a btw