mysterious factory

Date: 1/23/2017

By figen

I am with my friends. We are at the entrance of some small factory place. As we go inside, we see there are 3 girls. I don't remember exactly what they talked about, but there was some significance to this factory. There is also another girl who is just standing there and never moves, like she doesn't have a brain or something. We look around for a bit then turn around to leave and see 3 red bars blocking our path to the entrance. The bars were arranged kind of weird, and the girls said it was a puzzle we had to solve to be able to escape. We just climbed over them. Then we crossed a field to an ice cream store and I got some kind of blue ice cream. Then I notice I left my jacket at the factory. So I start heading back. On my way there is a rise in the field, where two kids are sitting around. They both look to be about 5 or 6, but one of them seems slightly older. I start talking to them about stuff, but I don't remember what. The older one is playing pokemon on a DS. I asked him something about Pokemon just to make conversation. I'm pretty sure we talked about some deep stuff, but I can't remember. When I'm almost back to the field, I see the brainless girl standing nearby the factory with my jacket on. As usual she is just staring blankly. I don't think she was conscious at all. Anyway, I try to take my jacket, and she suddenly horror movie style grips my wrist and stares straight at me. It takes a few seconds of panicking, but I break free. And at this point my jacket has become some kind of magical fleece. Now I notice a giant hole in the ground that stretches down as far as I can see. The scary girl falls in for no reason whatsoever. I jump in after her, but she lands safely in an indent on the side of the hole. Unfortunately my fleece is still falling much farther down the hole. I try and catch up to it and the dream ends.