Woke up to a bunch of people in my bed

Date: 8/28/2017

By TwentieToo

I was having a dream about a crush i used to have. I was looking through these index cards on a ring with names on them. When i found my used to be crush's name i went and found him and tried to flirt with him, but then later found out he was married to Andrea Russet. We got in a fight. Then my sister who was sleeping next to me kicked me in her sleep and i woke up. There seemed to be like three other people, besides me and her in my bed. And at first i didn't seem to recognize my sister and thought she was a random person. I didn't know where i was at first. I started to freak out. Then i guess i woke up more if that makes sense, and realized the people were just blankets and i recognized my sister.