Dog Line and Sleep Cards

Date: 4/5/2019

By n2petzz

My dream was mostly just bits and pieces, so I'll share what I remember. First off, the dream took place in a plaza-like area. It was inside but also not? Idk. I don't know how to explain it I guess. For some reason me and one of my friends decided to search up "Elf Kitten Princess" and a pictures of a husky popped up. We followed the address it had on the picture and ended up going to the plaza that had loads of people lined up in a curved hallway wall carrying only black and white dogs. Most of which were huskys. Instead of my friend being with me, I was now with my mum. For some reason Pepper, my old dead dog, was alive and with us, so she picked Pepper up to look less suspicious. and we started walking through the hall. At the very end we saw one of my 2nd cousins and his mum for some reason. We waved, but neither of them payed us any mind. Whoever I was with and I walked around the plaza and found a strange rack of iTunes cards- but instead of iTunes money they were "sleep." Apparently you could use them on yourself and start sleeping. There were 30 minute ones, 1 hour ones, and much more. I ended buying an hour one and one other one that I don't remember