Skateboarding to Escape Creepy Homeless People

Date: 8/26/2017

By toxxicduck

It was night out and I was heading home. I had my skateboard, but I wasn’t using it. The sky was black but there were no stars. I was walking down a narrow cement path down a hill that went through a park. I could see sketchy looking people walking around ahead of me, so I chose to go to this cement structure thing. I stood on top of it, and looked down to see it was the top of a giant cement ramp. It was like playing Skate. It looked like the top of Hoover Dam or something, but not as crazy high. I could see the water of a lake far off. There were two other people skateboarding at the bottom. The sketchy people were approaching me from behind, so in an act to desperately get away from them, I dropped into the ramp. I didn’t go as fast as I would have probably, but I sped down into the bottom, barely missing the other skaters, who yelled at me as I passed (like in Skate) and I zipped up another narrow cement path that went along the lake. I crashed right into a gate at the top of it that was too tall for me to jump over. Through the bars I saw a bearded hobo coming toward me and that’s all I remember.