Breathed underwater + Could fly

Date: 7/18/2019

By astralArbitrary

Holy fuck this was cool. I don’t remember a lot of this dream but it took place at what i thought was my cousin’s house and my school except my school had a shit ton of water around it. I vaguely remember some kid that might have been me getting in trouble and then jumping out of the school into the water to get away from something. i even remember smashing through the window, falling the huge distance and then watching the water come closer and closer as i fell, then crashing into the water at a high speed. i wasn’t scared though. then i realized i could breathe underwater and got pretty excited. eventually though i had to go up to breathe anyway because i didn’t have much control over the dream. i could also swim really easily. then i was out on a basketball court or something and i decided i was leaving and was figuring out what i wanted to do since i knew i could fly. i planned on going to japan and living off of snatching purses and stuff because what are they gonna do catch a flying person? i basically prepared for a jump and then flew off into the sky, stopping when i reached the cloud layer because there was a physical barrier. i decided i was gonna fly around a little and then i went to this random place. then i was an old man but still was me. i asked these girls if they wanted to see a trick and i tried to take off flying but i couldn’t because i subconsciously knew that as soon as i wanted to have control over it it wouldn’t work. i was still able to do a handstand though which still impressed them since i was old. this was about as much as i can remember.