Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was sort of in my swimming pool at my house and it was during a big party or gathering. I was looking around at the deck and the stairs leading up to the decks when I saw someone walking up one set of stairs with black, poofy, matted hair, but I couldn't see their face. Then it was like I was seeing a different view of everything. I saw every staircase one at a time and each one had someone walking up it with the same black hair. The last staircase it showed, I could see the persons face, and I knew it was a zombie. So I just kept going on and walking around like I didn't just see several zombies coming towards my house. After maybe a few dream minutes, I went into my house and my friend Will was there with me. I told my mom and the people right inside the door that there were zombies coming and that we needed to get as many people as we could inside the house then lock the doors to stay safe. I opened the door to let people in, about four people came in before I decided the house was full (there was so much room left in the house). I glanced outside again and saw a couple with a baby standing outside facing the zombies that were coming up the stairs, so I opened the door again and the woman handed me and Will the baby with its bag and we took it into the house before the zombies could get to it (it was sort of implied that those parents were giving up their lives for that baby's). Then I flashed to another part of the dream. I was in a theatre type room. There was a stage with the big red curtains and chairs like in a movie theatre. My English teacher Mr. Baker was there talking to us for a little while. He told us after a while that he had to go to the bathroom, and he left us in the room. Right after he left, I was seeing from another view again, and I could see down a hallway. There were shadows of zombies getting closer and closer to us. Then I flashed to were everyone in the room with me had build up walls out of brick and cement that blocked the zombies and somehow killed them too. When my teacher came back, he sounded angry and jealous but excited when he told us that since we were the first to survive a zombie invasion, we got to get a really cool jacket. He was upset because he didn't get to get one because he was in the bathroom. Then I "woke up" into another dream and the first thing I thought of was when I would be getting my awesome new jacket. Then I "woke up" again and asked my mom when my jacket was supposed to come. She didnt know. Then I really woke up... quite disappointed that I would not get to have a cool jacket commemorating my surviving the zombie apacalypse.