Guilty Dog

Date: 8/18/2017

By cwiley

My wife and I are walking in an alley in our neighborhood, and we can see into all the backyards. In one of them is a dog, sitting at a picnic table on which is a large open box of donuts, half of which are partly eaten, and it's a huge mess -- donut filling and crumbs all over the place. The dog sees us, and he looks very guilty, his face almost human, and we start laughing very hard -- "That is the guiltiest dog I've ever seen!" my wife says and for some reason we both think that's the funniest thing anyone in the history of the world has ever said. Tears are rolling down our faces as laugh helplessly, and then we notice that the dog is looking at us so sadly, and he's wearing glasses! At this point we are laughing so hard we can barely stand up, and I woke up, and continued to laugh for several minutes.