Date: 7/6/2019

By Arjunharidas

Once i got a chance to meet team "karikku" in my dream. But lolan is the only one who i noticed i know him fron tv serises. Other team members are unknown people. When i met him i talked to him and i dont know how we becamed good friends.. he gave his no and i went home... one day they called me and invited to a movie to watch with them . Iam surpriced like hell . And i went for that movie.. one of the karikku member came late and we all run to the nearest theater . It was very fun . They treted me like like one of the team member... when we reached the theater.. there where already some people in the que to take tickets for that movie.. lolan and one of other team meber sat down im the theater step .. and lolan coverd his face while sitting .. ( bcz fans coming and taking pictures) after that movie ...we hang out a while and i made them so much laugh ... and all the team members liked me. They asked me .. can u ne our team member ... at that momment i realised ... this is a dream... not reality.. i forget to do reality check .. i woke up whwn i rralised this is a dream ..