Haunted house

Date: 7/19/2017

By wanda1316

I was in a haunted mansion with one man who worked there. There was a portrait on the wall of the man who haunts the house. He had dark hair and a mustache. Every day his expression would become more and more cynical. There was a room full of portraits of other people, and their expressions would do the same thing. During dinner the man told me that he is the son of the man in the portrait. He looked very similar to him. It disturbed me and I left the table. At the end of the dream I was being chased by either the man haunting the house or his son. He had a knife and he was going to kill me. I hid underneath a table and he came in the room and turned off the lights. I couldn't see his shadow at all. I felt completely vulnerable. I felt him grab for me. Somehow i took the knife from him and stabbed him through his hand and his back. I turned on the lights and saw him on the floor, contorting in pain. His mouth and eyes were wide open. This was the son. I left the room. Before I left I heard him apologizing to his father.