Pretty nightmare

Date: 6/2/2017

By naya

I was on the bus by the bus driver, standing looking out the front window. There was a person taking photos of the views from outside the window. And the sky was so beautiful that I was tempted to take photos too. at one point of the ride, the clouds were so close to the land that I could have touched one if I reached up. it felt like heaven. in the next scene I was in the middle of the ocean on a dock. I was in awe looking at the water and the sky. it seemed to be middle of nowhere as there wasn't any land I could see except there was a hill beside us which was exposed from outside the water and probably around 15 feet tall above the surface of the water. there was a chair at the end of the dock with a man in it(I forget what he looks like). there was a life guard standing up in the middle. he was dark skinned, tall, and muscular. he didn't show much expression on his face. there was also the women who was taking photos on the bus. and lastly there was another man. he was Asian, had a heavy accent and didn't seem to know much english. there was a red tint to his face and he was bothered/upset by something. he either wanted to leave or commit suicide. he kept jumping off the dock and the photographer would scream "no" and that's when the life guard would quickly act and bring him back to the dock while the man would scream "no no no!" as he was upset with being saved. After around three attempts of the man jumping off he got fed up. he grabbed the photographer and threw her away in the ocean then he would throw himself away (I'm guessing as a tactic to give him more time or making a statement that these people are in danger if u don't let him do what he wants). however the life guard would easily manage to save both of them, the woman being first then the man. after a couple attempts at that, the man forced the women to the peak of the hill in attempts to throw her down the other side and kill her. when they were at the peak of the hill, the life guard climbed up and threw the man in the ocean. at this point, the man only seemed to want to kill. he grabbed me and threw me into the water. I grabbed the hill and tried to remain on a surface. he then lifted me up and away from the hill and threw me way further. I swam up and saw that the dock was fairly close. the life guard stared at me but didn't do anything. I could have swam back but I didn't I just stayed there. I guess I knew my fate was going to be kept getting thrown off if I did choose to swim back.