Prepared for death for good cause

Date: 8/1/2017

By nick777

I am a Catholic so my dream was part of my morels somehow. My dream stared off with me have a good time and I just knew I had to turn myself in for the fate of something(totally for got) and so did this other guy. What we had to do is sacrifice was our lives. So I did turn myself in, but the other guy did not. Then he cough him. He was was the first to die fist by this catholic priest. He got his head chopped off instantly. Then they said that I didn't have to do this since u turned your self in. ( i donated a lot of blood and I hate needles and every time I sit and what I could just leave or save someone's life. That's what I felt at that moment waiting to make a discussion to save LIVES or go away. ) So I repented for my sins and was ready to dies and having a strong clueless feeling that might go to heaven and was happy to see God. I was so happy to lay my head down to get it over with. When the priest went for my neck he did not get a clean cut and it was hurting my so bad and he just keeps cutting chunks off my neck till I..... die? Everything when back to normal and I was very disappointed that I did not die after all I sacrificed. And I did not meat God. And I puzzled my self over and over while everything was normal in dream land.