A Dream In A Dream

Date: 7/22/2017

By kodokushoujo

I just escaped a dream of a dream which then turned into a nightmare. My mother wouldn't listen to me; I asked if she could see me physically and she replied no—she could only hear me—and walked out. Meaning I was in a dream...? In my dream of a dream, I lucid dreamt and I had a huge condo with a nice view of city lights—helicopters would pass through. I had a friend in this dream of a dream who could fly up and down with me through my condo; his name was Richard. Once I woke up from that dream in a dream, my room was full of baby dolls; in front of me were these two animated ones which you have to press to activate sound—they were on. Meaning someone was in my room before I had awoken. As I exited out the room, it felt like all my old baby dolls as a kid were grabbing onto me; strollers & carriages. I yell out for my mom and I hear the the car engine start, so I head towards the garage without my phone like a dummy. The house was set up differently than it is in real time, I mistook the garage for the boiler room—two men were in there. There was an out part to the room that led outside but it was blocked by a train that had coal—and was running too. Anyway, the man approaches me and I know what he's about to do. I try to run away but, its too late and I try to punch him but, I am too weak. I push his head down and tried to kick him as he grabs me by the shirt. My mother gets back with my sister and I call her name out as she rushes in; more men outside tie their arms. My sister barges in and after that I desperately try to wake myself up...