Date: 6/22/2019

By iamlost

I was on a cruise and we had just left port the water was very choppy causing us to hit a military boat after that they had launched missiles toward us and sunk the boat I had escaped while the boat was sinking and me and some other passengers had swam to shore turns out to be a prison and they were firing shots at everyone thinking prisoners had escaped so I said lay down and stay still and ended up being shot so I crawled to the water and started to make my way to the other side of the bay while this military extermination crew was on the look out of any survivors to throw the fiasco under the rug they had found a few people and I heard one of them say some sort of catchphrase if there’s not a bullet in the head they ain’t dead so I started to freak but kept swimming next I was hanging of a shore wall of a container ship port while some guard had heard me moving across the wall so he cane to inspect the noise and we made eye contact so I grabbed his vest and threw him in the water then pulled myself up meanwhile another guard heard the splash and cane to check it out and seen me and I said don’t shoot I just want to live and then sirens went off the extermination crew was in the facility looking for escapees so the guard ran into the facility to get shot by the exterminators so I ran past them and up the stairs and they were saying identify yourself so I kept running up and up they were almost on every floor so I kept running then ran out of stairs so I tried to find an elevator still running past guards found an elevator full of people that were on the cruise with me and they said come on let’s go and the elevator only went up one floor the elevator doors opened to see more of these exterminators so I ran pasted and one tackled my leg I just kicked him off and ran all the way up to the stairs to the roof come to find out it was a simulation and I had died on the beach at the prison. Can someone explain