Scales and Spirits

Date: 6/8/2019

By FloatingAway

So I only kind of remember the end of this dream: Me and a few other people were at Roisíns house, and her mam was being really mean and saying shit like “Oh you always get fat this time of year” to Roisín. So obviously Roisín got really mad and was like wtfff, and she pulled a scale out of the cupboard to weigh herself and prove she wasn’t fat. It was a weird digital scale and the numbers were facing me so I could see that she weighed 9 stone 10 pounds and I was SO relieved that I weighed less than her. Anyway then that was fine, Caoimhe was there at some point actually and when we walked past one of the big windows I saw that spirit from Spirited Away just standing really ominously outside. Later we were all going to sleep on Roisíns couch. I had sleep paralysis in my dream then where it was like I “woke up” on the couch and there was this grey creature with no eyes or nose just a mouth and it was crawling towards me over the back of the sofa, and it started reaching out for my arm with its face. I wasn’t able to move and I was trying sooo hard to push its head away and finally managed to move and it just kind of scurried away lol. I got up then and freaked out and called my mam to pick me up because all this creepy shit was happening and I was convinced her house was haunted. It was awful. That’s the end of the dream I thinkkk