Date: 3/28/2019

By fmeib

28/3 I was at a buffet restaurant with Z and N. We started at the steak station where you can grill yourself to the doneness that you want and they have these amazing ones with great marbling and there were plates of beef, neatly placed across the table. My friends were telling me how great the steak looks and I was looking for the one I like. I saw this piece that looked extra delicious and was about to grab it, but suddenly a lady popped out and claimed that that’s hers because she saw it first. Didn’t want to fight with her, I went about and looked for another one. I also saw there’s an oyster bar down the hall, I told my friends that I’m gonna check it out while my steak is cooking on the grill. I walked to the oyster bar and there were apparently a good amount of people there for a random giveaway so I couldn’t get close to the oysters. Then I got a snap from J on how these random Chinese words on the decoration in this restaurant made something funny when put together. Next thing I knew I got teleported to J and I was sitting right across from him. He offered his soup (like the carrot or red pepper soup we got in Morocco) and it tasted really good. When we were done and we were checking out at the register, there were some confusions about the amount or the items we ordered. But I don’t remember how that got resolved. Then J and I left the restaurant and took a public transportation to head to our next destination. It started as a NYC subway (think old, dusty and grimy), but the vehicle is this little cart for one single person (think a more modern and developed Mario cart). We had to ride the cart through tunnels to get to places, kinda like Elon Musk’s hyperloop. We got on, entered the tunnel, J went in first, then me. Then I found myself coming out of an elevated tunnel and seeing light. The tunnel was like 5-6 feet above this yellow to orange dirt/sandy ground; the tunnel was unfinished, there were tools and construction materials lying on the ground. Seeing that I’m gonna fall, I let out a scream in my dream, but I actually hit the ground, it was painless. I looked around to find J but he was nowhere to be seen, then I tried to warn people who were gonna come out of the tube but it was too late and I saw my friend (Z or N) coming out of the tube and hit the ground. Then the next thing I know, I found myself and J in my room at home. It seemed like we just got home and we were making out and getting close to the bed. Then we started taking our clothes off and were about to make love. I was completely naked and I heard my mom knocking on the door and I quickly threw myself under the cover. My mom asked us questions and J was answering her. And then I don’t remember the rest or I woke up.