judo football match

Date: 3/27/2017

By yotama9

I don't remember the context, but there was the Israel representative for the judo competition who looked kinda like me (I didn't think about it in the dream, and the name I had in my mind is someone who looks nothing like me) In the next scene that I remember he was also taking part in a 2:2 football (⚽) competition, but the ball was larger than usual (about twice as big). The level of green of the grass also made an impression on me. I can't​ recall who was the goalie, the judo guy or the second player. The competition is going well and at one point I'm part of the judo guy duo, either I'm the judo guy or not, I don't remember. For reasons, we are in a match where it is the two of us against a single player, and the ball turn into a computer mouse. I make a really good move with the computer mouse and I score the winning goal buy jumping the mouse over the opponent player. The other player is cheering and I wake up.