Part Two: Japanese Cult and Death of a Traitor

Date: 2/22/2017

By pxalcosleep

In my dream I am assigned to a a task in order to prove my honesty. A friend and I are to meet every evening and study Japanese religion involving a goddess and worshippers with blue body tattoos. In the religion we do a lot of reading to us and bowing north and to the setting sun. Blessing are done by the blue goddess goddess- She is one of two people standing. The leader of my religion didn't speak she just felt our energy at the chance and she blessed us when we are ready to join the religion. My respected mentor authority figure was a prominent political leader in Russia and a devout follower of the religion. He believed that it revealed truth and honesty in all participants. My friend (the murdered man on the airplane. See part one) was actually devoted to France and his dishonesty to the religion was sensed. When confronted he lashed out at the goddess in Russian saying that he was not dishonest and that he would preform a sacred ritual fight to the death on roller-skates. Since this is the ultimate proof of truth the goddess agrees naturally and reveals a samurai sword for my friend who stands up and is ready to fight as she and he present the blades to one another they turn around arch back till three in the sword so they can see the reflection. My friend didn't have the time to spin around to fight, The goddess sliced him across the chest I as she removed resort blood was spewing out. To decrease burden of pain I was able to teleport into his body and feel the pain as the blood was leaving my body. It was too painful so I awoke. It seems as though I was playing my dream or acting out my dream in past tense because I knew I was going to happen by reading a Wikipedia page on my death and the death of my friend. But I insisted on going to reasons unknown even though I knew was going to be painful. By the time I was done with my friends death I couldn't go through my own and decided to end the dream.