Garden, home invasion and cute girl.

Date: 4/17/2017

By dixsilence

So I was at my home after lunch. My parents were discussing about some plants we had in the backyard​. I went outside, is was raining last night so everything was wet, beautiful. The next day I was alone at the patio, talking to myself and minding my own business when a group of people entered to the patio and just lay around, sitted on couches and invaded my house so casually. I got so angry that I told them very awkwardly to leave. While leaving I got caught in the mass and went inside their van. When they started going I told them they let me go, I got off the van and headed to my house. The leader was Eugene from the walking dead and K was supposed to know him but I didn't. Now all calm I started talking to myself again while closing the gate, then a really cute chubby girl walked by, saw me and started laughing. I noticed and tried to get inside from shame, the she noticed and turned back to my house.again to say something and I woke up. Damn it.