Home Sweet Ancestors Home

Date: 3/15/2019

By Fitful

I'm in this old house. It has what seems to be like grandma furniture in it. All that fancy stuff in living rooms you aren't allowed to use. I've made it my own however and redecorated. I bought my own corner couch and a different coffee table and I moved everything all around. But something odd is happening. I am getting haunted by a ghost. It makes a banana fly around the room, hides it, then brings it back to the exact same spot days later when it's old so the place smells. This keeps happening so me and a friend who's a police officer decide to use a camera to record it. He borrowes a police evidence camera and VHS tape and we begin to set up surveillance. He doesn't believe it's a ghost. I don't either but I did see the banana flying. But before we get the stuff set up I find out it is a ghost, a ghost of an ancient Egyptian bird God, or several. We rush to put back the living room to exactly as it was before. I'm upset because I don't want to live in a living room with ugly gaudy old rich people furniture. But the ghost haunting settles down the more we set the place back to rights. I'm organising my movie collection on my external hard drives for a long time. I have three people who find it troublesome in some way. I invite a guy to watch with me but he's not interested, as if it's wrong for him to. Another is frustrated by my lack of labels tagging genres of movies. And the third is the police officer and he's cool but doesn't really care what I do. ~ I move into a new apartment. Or I'm given the opportunity to move into a new apartment and I'm staying there for a few days. I'm very excited. It's perfect mixture of dark gloom and brightly lit. The huge window only reaches half the place redirected by the huge mirrors which make up every other stripe on the back wall. The result is a dark and spooky back half and a very bright front half. I am thrilled as this seems very Gothic, if a bit modern. Also this apartment is on a very high floor, too high almost, I feel set free but simultaneously also kinda afraid of the height. But I'm thrilled because the elevator takes us straight down to the entrance where there's a dog park directly outside. And it turns out there is a small courtyard for dog emergency or bad weather in the building. I leave and cross the street. A guy asks me out for that evnejng and I say yes, it's not really explicit it's a date but it's implied. I'm told the apartment is an inherited apartment, I get to stay, it's mine. I'm a little floored and I don't know if it's true, or even if I want to stay in the city. I go back towards my apartment, I'm about to cross the street when the guy cancels. He's too tired and has to work another four hours. I'm really tired too and want to sleep but I'm a little confused. The entrance to the apartment building is very kawaii, all done up in pick anime paraphernalia. It's a bit gaudy but also unique. It doesn't match the silver skyscraper building though.