Twin Peaks in Pyongang

Date: 4/13/2017

By friday_graveyard

I'm at a beach house, it belonged to my family. I've never been there before in real life. I find some papers on the night stand: they're letters, all the words are cut-outs from magazines/newspapers. I wish I could remember their content, they were quite poetic and Twin-Peaks-related. They're also anonymous but I somehow know that they were from "a Russian man", even though they were in either English or Spanish. I also get that they're are meant for me but how did they get there? How did this man know I was going to be there? I'm a bit freaked out but feel very curious at the same time and would like to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately I can't because the dream shifted or I'm not able to remember more of it. Next scene: I'm in Pyongang with Deborah, (half-Japanese old college mate of mine who is traveling to Japan every year as I see in her social media (we don't really talk) and she was there just now. She has a lot of money and buys tons of cool Asian stuff that I like.) So we're buying some stuff at a supermarket and when we want to pay, we accidentally set an alarm off because we're "at the wrong checkout". A male cashier tells us that this checkout is only for those whose last names begin with the letters G-H-I. We leave the place and, as we walk, we chat about the cultural differences and how we should be "more polite" there. We find a diner, it looks typically American at first in the way the tables and seats are set but totally North Korean in the plainess of its colors and the fact that it was desolate. We sit at a table. A strange middle-aged white woman asks us if this is the place where she can find "the woman who clucks like a hen". I get that this is a Twin Peaks reference (?), and so I tell her "Yes, she's at the back of this diner but you need to wait five more episodes!" (The "back of the diner" thing is actually a Mulholland Dr. reference.)