Space Show

Date: 1/28/2017

By bottomtext

I go into space every tues and friday w my fellowship to help out a filmmaker// A bunch if kids from shool or just my age are part of the crew, some look 7 or 8, the filmmaker is rachel and some other fellows from the program are there. I think a few ppl had died already and we keep going to new parts of the giant ship to hide from scary things. We hid in the ships theater that looks exactly like the byron carlyle and then i bring greg alvarez in and everybody is mad at me for that and we see on the handheld security system that an actual alien has entered an area of the ship (the alien looks like a typical big head excpet it has tin foil skin) (And also i see killer monkeys somewhere; i think they are w the alien or fighting it or something) We decide to do a play anyway Greg wants ppl to hang from supenders on stage but the crew thinks he wants to skin them alive and hang just their skin but i convince them that he doesnt want to do that, the killer monkeys want to do that. Im afriad the noise from the play will attract the monkeys, no one else is worried. [Ray feels sick so they nap in the other theator and they r being mean to me]Me and 5 others hide in the back stage area of the theater which is very creepy.. Its me and my dad as a younger person, maybe its just my little brother, wait nvm it was nayib, we talk about how we have known each other since we were born and he is playing a flying lotus song from an album called ii kk that i look up on my phone and see came out in 2005 (it has the cover of an aphex twin record). And my philosophy teacher and my friend daniela and I think one other person are also backstage. I start playing a single electric drum rly well but its metal rim cuts my hands and i can only do it for like 10 secs at a time. I think about where I could take the best instagram picture on the ship and my caption. (I decide that the toilet is too basic so i consider the hallway) I think about asking the person who sent me up to space every week if I can only come up only once a week because I cant handle the extreme fear of death twice a week. I realize that im dreaming and wake up feeling like an idiot because obviously I couldve of just asked lauren to never go to space again. Then i rly wake up.