Time Travel to the Past

Date: 3/10/2017

By YukiShirio

I start as an adult where I go visit A University. I walk past it weird old man that calls out to me. he explains that he need help with he project. The next thing I know we are in this lab down in the basement he tell me that he is going sent my mind 20 year into the past were I'll be in my younger self. Thinking he is crazy I agree to he experiment all he wanted me to do if it work is to call his number and say time travel is possible I'm the proof and hang up. I laughed wouldn't you think it was a prank? he just smiled the next thing I know I'm looking around and it's my childhood bedroom. I Did as the man asked and call and before I could hang up he said Thank you. After that I ran to my mother and hugged her tightly and ask if we could go see my Grandparents. So many thought filled my mind could I change their fates or just the out come of their lost I was only I child now with an old mind what could I do.