Date: 2/26/2017

By Heyyitsian

Last night I remember that I was holding some device, and accidentally unleashed nukes all of the planet. Afterwards, I tried to get into a flying car so that I could get away and survive, but it broke because I couldn't bear not bringing my mom with me. (I'm very attached to my mom). Then I remember it jumping to us in our old living room and we were trying to create a new solar system from scratch. Jump again and I was in my schools cafeteria and there were a few people in charge, a gang of sorts, and they we're separating people and giving out rations. Very nazi style. Afterwards I found some secret area that looked like a boss room from the Binding of Isaac but I was brought back to the cafeteria and they took my shoes away from me. Then I found my mother who had been turned into a butterfly and I grabbed her wing and told her I loved her and then I ran away sobbing hysterically. Then they took us outside and I saw men in uniforms, some I recognized some I didn't. Then I realized I had shoes in my bag but no socks, so right before they loaded me onto the bus I asked to go get some socks and my dream ended. I'm not entirely convinced if it was lucid or not lucid because I felt as though I had a limited amount of control but I've never heard of a lucid nightmare. I think that I probably was in control, but didn't realize that I was dreaming and therefore couldn't sway the events in my dream.