weird/ really gross museum, ANOTHER shark dream

Date: 8/31/2019

By evp722

I went to this weird museum (AGAIN WITH THE MUSEUM DREAMS) with 2 close friends. It was really gross...there was a section where you could touch human organs and they were in some sort of glass case being preserved. EEW. And near that was a big room with a salt water section in the left corner. There was a sign that said- SHARK. Ok...the water section was weird. It was like the style of a pool. You could literally walk into it, and it would be shallow at the beginning and gradually get deeper. But this one was filled with sand and had a shark. So after the disgusting organ touching part, my friends and I walked up to the shark exhibit and my friend stuck her feet in. At first, it looked empty. There was no shark. And then it just appeared out of nowhere and almost BIT MY FRIENDS FOOT OFF. Luckily she was able to get out in time. The shark disappeared (for now), and my idiot dream self decided to take a swim in the SHARK WATER. There wasn’t a sign anywhere specifically saying we couldn’t go in, so I guess I thought it would be okay? And the employees didn’t say otherwise. So while I’m in it I had a good time for a few minutes (my friends thought I was crazy) and... *jaws music* THE SHARK CAME BACK So for some reason when I saw the shark, my first instinct was NOT to climb out as fast as possible, but rather to HIDE...BEHIND A SEAWEED. When I hid behind a tiny seaweed plant, my dream switched to 3rd person view so I could see myself. I looked for myself, but all I saw was the seaweed (not even me crouching behind it). I was nowhere else, not in the sharks mouth, not outside the water. Sooooo I apparently became invisible behind the seaweed plant, and realized this while in my dream. The dream ended with the view of the foot tall seaweed plant.