Death of a farmer

Date: 5/21/2019

By Aler

In a field next to the house, we met a farmer. He was friendly, then left. In the ruins of a house, we found a series of preserved newspapers. A wedding notice, a notice of a stillborn baby (in the “Stillborn” page of the paper), an obituary for his wife. Also a TV guide, but I forget the meaning. The ruins were covered in a tent like structure, with a row of trees replacing one wall. This led to another cache of documents. CDs, etc. We realized that the farmer had killed himself, and this was his note. Also, instructions on how to copy a file to a rewritable CD-ROM. There was one more crate, along a path in the woods. This was in a busy area, with lots of walkers and campers. This final box was gone when we arrived. Someone else must have also been looking, a woman explained. Not everything requires closure. It ended with us listening to a CD of the farmer singing. A sad dream.