Train Dream/Inception

Date: 8/10/2017

By bcamps

Was on this cool train that was completely made of glass you could see the trees through it and everything. It was very green and lush I passed by old stones and I think stone buildings. I got on the train to get to the library of virginia which was a church library. There was 5 passengers including everyone else was a stereotype (jock nerd etc) i was in the left back corner of the train at first. I was holding a book. We passed through old forests and then a mountain top where it was all snow even thought it was summer. The conductor stopped the train for us to take in the view. It was wide and open with untouched snow. I could see soft snow falling off cliffs higher up the mountain. all of a sudden the conductor train moved and the snow fell in and i could feel how cold it was. All the passengers including me thought this was funny. I chimed in that "I thought this train was glass and had no holes" (something along that line). But it was cheerful and humorous tone i used. The conductor was a weird guy but friendly idk like I knew him but didnt All of a sudden i was at the front of the train with the nerd kid behind me and the train turned into some kind of invisible sled. The other passengers disappeared it was just me and him and the conductor i told him he needs to be with someone strong and someone who can make decisions. We werent phased by everyone else disappearing. We passed through the mountain top and we were suddenly going around this house and INSIDE this house the train had turned into a little black train that you see under a christmas tree. The house was gray and the railway wrapped around it in a circleish form. There was still snow on the ground. The railway also goes through the house. The inside is very gray blue from the carpets to the walls and match the outside of the house with the occasional table against the wall. So we're traveling around and in this house and i get all these flashbacks that i don't remember happening about the people in this house theres a mom and dad and son and i felt close to them especially the mom, who looked like one of my uni teachers. Her son had ginger hair and was a teenager and while traveling through the house i saw him walking through a doorway I cant remember the dad but i knew he was there. The season was like christmas time btw idk how the season had changed but as we passed through the hallway of the house on the train the conductor asked "do you know this place" and i was like "I want to remember". And then all of a sudden i was able to get out the train because it had stopped in the house's hallway and talk to everyone in the house thats where things are a little fuzzy i just remember feeling very connected to the woman in the house. After i was done talking to her i walked outside and saw the train LEAVING me and i could see nerd kid in it!! I ran screaming my fucking head off for the train like screaming for them to stop and then all of a sudden i was in front of the conductor he had pulled a a big wire out this suit i was wearing (looked like an old diver suit and the big wire tube was connected to my stomach area) and I asked him what happened and he told me "you said you wanted to remember" And then he said something like "you were dreaming weRe fixing the train from all the snow" the nerd kid was sitting next to him and then i woke up into another dream, but that dream was me literally waking up in my bed in the dark to remember the train dream. I then picked up my phone from the side of the bed to tell my boyfriend about the dream. I turned on the phone and the phone was really bright and i had to squint my eyes. Then i woke up.