The Dream of Having a Hot-headed Fiancè

Date: 4/7/2017

By Cami-sama

I dreamed of having a fiance who's a basketball player. But he and the other players play on top of a big cup noodle. Inside the cup noodle, therr are hot women in bikinis. They're dancing lewdly . Now my fiance is a hot-headed guy that when his teammates make a mistake, he'll have them lined up and scold them furiously. Even their enemy team is scared when he's angry. I, on the other hand, finds it funny when he gets super angry. I laughed and laughed and like inhaling a laughing gas, I just can't stop laughing. Soon enough, I dropped on the floor. There was a medic team and they rushed to me. They reported that I fainted because I was super scared of my fiance being angry like that but it was the opposite.