Many dreams

Date: 9/2/2019

By ace200

I was on a farm and my mom and sister and I were starting to drive away because we saw a tornado warning. It was gonna start pouring. I got in the front seat to help direct my mom. We saw a tornado pick up a truck and a shed. My godmother showed up and said it was normal. I was then working at my restaurant. I had previously died my hair a little rose gold. I felt judged and insulted all day and I think eventually I smashed something and walked out. The manager made me dance with a co-worker to work it out. I was then watching some performance on tv and my friend was a star on it, but my family couldn’t figure out why because she’s a swimmer. It was bizarre. Afterwards there was something about mice and murders in a little town and I had a brother and we were both turning into mice backstage? I was also almost watching a scene from a 3rd person perspective. I was watching Asa Butterfield. He had been wrongly accused of killing his brother and had been sentenced to stay with this cult like group that was HORRIBLE to him. They would make him sleep in mud under a fence so he could hardly move, pretend to bury him alive, and all sorts of stuff. He then found out the cult took his brother and they ran away. I then stepped back to see I was watching it as a movie with my friend and we realized how bad a movie it was.