weird indian guy

Date: 4/22/2019

By sadiesanville

i was at some department store or something just window shopping and i saw a typewriter and went up and started to type. this indian guy came up to me and said ‘i have a joke for you’ and i was like ‘uhh okay’ and he goes ‘this typewriter is going to belong to the prettiest girl in the world. why’s that?’ and than says a dumb punch line and starts belting out a laugh and i awkwardly laughed and was like ‘oh haha you’re sweet’ and he goes ‘give me a handshake!’ so i do and he grabs on right and than he says ‘and now a hug!’ and starts pulling me in and i start to resist and he grabs my wrists and starts pulling me in and saying stuff like ‘what’s your number. what’s your name. what’s your street address. what’s your blood type’ and i just start crying saying ‘no i don’t want it. i don’t want it’ as he pulls me in with an incredibly creepy smile on his face