Chase money exchange

Date: 9/7/2019

By TheRealBS

So chase bank was doing this one day thing to get more costumers, they posted on their insta that if you had any tickets form arcades and stuff you could bring them to a ATM and trade them for money. So it was our whole friend group doing to and we were at the park across from Josh and Bri’s sitting at a picnic table using the ATM right next to it for some reason I had thousands of them and everyone else only had like a hundred or so. Devan was also there but he seemed to be more interested in the type of wood the table was made out of, so I was up and it took me a while to feed them all into the machine and while I was up the machine was talking and saying it would give bonus stars for things like “most tickets fed at one time, least tickets, coolest outfit” they were all very strange, then I finished and it gave me my money and I held it up to my ear as I walked back to the table and pretended to be on the phone and Brianna and Nicole both thought I was actually talking to the bank