I am Kris Jenner's daughter

Date: 7/17/2017

By meowgali

Omg it was so weird. Kris Jenner was my mom and we were at a really boujee party and I guess I was over it so I asked her if I could leave & a bunch of security escorted me out and I ended up taking an uber to dominos lol idk. And then I guess it was Valentine's Day that day so me and my friends were in line to buy a heart shaped pizza. I asked the lady what her favorite toppings for a meatless pizza are. She told me cool ranch Doritos were. I was like ummmm k. And I ordered. The pizzas came out of a conveyor belt and she ended up getting my order wrong. She gave me a small when I ordered a large. Anyway I didn't feel like going back so I just ate it lol.