Rocco's Auto Shop

Date: 8/12/2017

By lindseydegruy

I took my car to this tiny, sort of shady shop to get my transmission fixed. It was run by a bunch of dudes who I at the time didn't know were drug dealers and basically mobters. They fixed cars on the side, but drug dealing was their main gig, and they had this whole group of four or five dudes and two women. One of the women was some tiny blonde girl named Presley who was new to the group, and one was this girl Frankie who works with my girlfriend, but she was like 25 and all goth. I was running late with the payment for the transmission because I had to go down to the shop and pay it back and it was really far away, but it was only $50. So I'm at this party and still haven't paid, and I see Presley there and she tells me that she's with their whole group now and that I need to pay back the money ASAP before "something happens to me." She was really small but really intimidating. Had crazy eyes. Looked like she could go unhinged at any second. She sets up a time and place to meet me for some reason, instead of having me just go to the shop like usual to pay. And the place she wants to meet is all weird and desolate and she wants to meet late at night. It was a known thing where I live (I live in Las Vegas if that adds to the whole mobster ambiance for you) that their whole lil group ordeal was notorious for killing people over drug money and drugs in general, so I knew they were dangerous now, but hadn't realized who they were until after I had them fix the transmission. I try going down to the shop to give them the $50 so I don't have to worry about Presley doing anything crazy at our "appointment," but I see her standing outside talking to the main dude, Rocco. She tells him that she's going to "finish me off" and he seems unconcerned and unimpressed but is like "yeah, do what you need to do, she was really late, just get me my money." He tells her that if she kills me, she can go out and have beers with the rest of the group later. I realize at this point that she's only trying to kill me to impress them all and be taken more seriously in the group because she's new. I didn't want to tell my girlfriend what was going on because I didn't want them to involve her, but I also knew she worked with Frankie and that Frankie could help me. I sneak away from the shop unseen, drive home, and call my girlfriend. Her and Frankie pick me up, and Frankie tells me that I can pay for the service online on their website so that I can cancel the "appointment" with Presley. She says Presley will probably still come after me and so will the rest of them, but they don't know where I live or anything about me, so I have time to figure out what I'm going to do. I pay the $50 on the website, and that's when I notice how little they even work on cars. There are different sections on the website with different drugs. You can pay online for transactions for acid, heroin, prescription meds, cocaine, whatever. It looks like the Silk Road layout. They're all sorted into neat little categories. Everything is drugs and there are only like two different payment options for cars. "Transmission" and "engine." That's it. I don't remember what happened after that. I think I went lucid and woke myself up.