A dream to never forget

Date: 6/22/2017

By corpseparty12

Ok Ok Ok this dream wasnt the best dream i have had. So we were all trying to make it to a concert later and it started raining outside the girls were dressed and ready but the boys were still asleep and we pranked them by pouring water on them and we Dazhila, Khyle, And Amiya started making us some slushi's lily was trying to look up were the concert is but she couldnt find then the rain lightened up and then lily found the place so we decided to walk instead since it was just a 15 minute walk but then incase we bought umbrellas if it rained again and it did. Later we were in a plaza full of people waiting for the concert to begin and then it started to rain again and then adanna pushes me into the wall and calls me a "sluty whore" and starts to beat me up. When she was done Jylah, Khyle, Dazhila, Gabe, Aj, And Jermaine asked me what happended except for darren and vanessa. When we were running a tiny bit late we were running and darren broke his old phone on the way while running and got mad at me for not catching it and then we were at the entrance and me and darren had an argument right after the argument i started to cry and gabe was trying to comfort me when gabe left darren came back to apalogize and we made up and he said he still loved me he never yelled at me like that before he said it was because of vanessa trying to flirt with him. And back to after adanna beat me up darren and vanessa were gone i went to go look for them and darren kept pushing vanessa away but she kept forcing herself to him amd then thats when I went to go see darren with vanessa i asked darren to come with me and he said with a smiling face of course. He came with me and we hugged for along period of time and for the firsr time he put his hands on my hips and i finally feel that me and darren are going to be together always. And then we kissed and for some reason tears came to my eyes amd Jylah, Dazhila, Ania, Alaysia, Amiya, and Khyle came to find us and then they seperated us and Ania said No Lovey dovey and I said ok mom and as usual ania was her usual self and then we all started to laugh when she was telling us about the rules from the 6th grade and she was like "What" and i toled ania amd the others To "Never change the way you are please not for me nlt for anyone ok".